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AmazingIFS Plants Tutorial
First off, I'd like to mention this "tutorial" is based on another one! An amazingIFS guide by batjorge
Alright, let's start off! Open MB3D and do the following steps:
Put in first slot amazingIFS and put the values like is already mentioned in Jorge's tut.

AddX: 0

AddY: 0
AddZ: 0
Rotation X: 0
Rotation Y: 0
Rotation Z: 0
Fold X: 1
Fold Y: 1
Fold Z: 1
1/MinR: 31

For the second formula choose some simple formula (RoomDoorsIFS, RandCubesIFS...) but i choose simpliest boxIFS, and keep it unchanged.. only change Apply Scale + Add: 0
And the last thing of this is to add to 3rd slot foldinghexIFS, foldingifyIFS, tilingbrickIFS or else in last collumn, but I prefer foldinghexIFS and value to 1.25 (you can change on your own later
:iconlukasfractalizator:LukasFractalizator 10 1
Specializing of ABox Bulbs 1
Hello everyone. Welcome to my little tips how to prettify and make your bulbs original and special. I've took a look on the bulbs since I've see they gained a quite popularity again, so I started working on my another little "project" Of evolving variations and originality of bulbs forming formulas and shape forming formulas. It may look like i say "poop" words, but I hope you'll find this usefull. So let's start

1. Basical Bulbs

I don't think i need specify this! almost everyone knows how to make them, If you're the who not, checkout this Quad3D Bulbs Tut by batjorge
Let's see. I'm gonna make one, but e.g., with Integer Power. I set in the first folder "Amazing Box" with following set - Scale: 1, MinR: 0, Fold: 1, and 5 iterations - and Integer Power with - Power: 2, Z-Multiplier: -65, and with Julia Setting ON and: X: 0, Y: 0, and Z: 0. Let's see the result below (with changing PoV)

Yay, a bu
:iconlukasfractalizator:LukasFractalizator 12 18
Formula MandalayKIFS - Tips
Hello :) I decided to share with others, If I make amazing find, or discover something new :) Thanks for looking at my asurf tutorial aswell! Here I go today with Mandalay KIFS and some usefull tips, settings etc.
1. How to get something interesting just with single MandalayKIFS?
Let's get something cool! Open MB3D and put here Mandalay formula. After little zoom-out it should look as this:
Now change values!
Scale: 1.3
Min R: 0.3
Fold: 1.75
Rotation1 X: 9
Rotation1 Y: 6
Rotation1 Z: -11
XY Tower:
RDiv: 2.125
It probably look like this: But no worry! Julia can fix that! Turn Julia ON and put these values:
X: 0.275
Y: -
Now it should looks more appropiate :) As I said in my last tutorial for Asurf, Put it at 3-4-5-6th slot to put some formulas before to make it more complex and b
:iconlukasfractalizator:LukasFractalizator 9 12
MB3D Plants/Grass Guide
Hello everyone! Welcome to my another tutorial! First off, the tutorial is based off with agreement of original artist. So let's begin.
1. Open mandelbulb3D and fill first slot with "CommaIFS" and 2nd with "amazingIFS" and set 2 iterations on amazingIFS only
2. Set the Max Interations on 10-30 what will you prefer after all following setting will be done.
3. Now set similar values to CommaIFS variables: (be very gentle)
R1 = from -3.7 to -4
Scale = 0.8 - 1
Z Add = 0.01 - 0.1
Y Add = 0.6 - 0.8
X Add = 0 (keep 0)
R2 = from -0.5 to -1
Scale + Add = 1
R3 = 1.5 - 2
R Sphere = 0 - 0.1
Flip X-Z = 0 (keep 0)
Flip Y-Z = 0 (keep 0)
Signs = 1/3 (feel free to experiment)
Final TIP: For reaching the best effect and experience try mix with different dIFS formulas and DE-Combinating with formulas like Amazing Surf, Amazing Box, TetraVS etc. to make nature-feeling fractal! (As I specified, I "stolen" the idea and that presentation give best preview! :D)
For sure, here's my
:iconlukasfractalizator:LukasFractalizator 26 10
Amazing Box Spheres Tutorial
Hello people! Nice to meet you there! Hope you'll enjoy! :la:
I got truly inspired by :iconbatjorge:'s  Mechanical spheres and also by :icontheli-at: :la:, then tried on my own, and liek why not? They're awesome! :la: Who wouldn't like them?
 Let's begin!!! :dummy:

Open Mandelbulb3D! (So exciting already :la:) and follow my steps!
1. As first formula pick _Fold45single and leave it unchanged (you can try experiment after all things done then)
2. 2nd formula MUST be Amazing Box and input these values:

Scale: 1
Min R: 0.0
Fold: 0.5
Iterations: 20 - 35

Still not anything magical!
3. The third formula wll affect the shapes and varies of these spheres! You can use whatever you want, experiment, but there for inspiration i use koch_cube and left it unchanged for now.
4. next formulas is going to be again _AmazingBoxSSE2 (or Ama
:iconlukasfractalizator:LukasFractalizator 35 20
AmazingBox-only bulbs tutorial
Busy from school but ehh :dummy:
This type of fractal/bulbs has been very forgotten  but let me bring it back up. OK

Step 1: Open Mandelbulb3D, Put Amazing Box in 1st formula slot and set the values:

Scale: 1 - 1.1

Min R: 0
Fold: 1 - 1.2
Iterations: 20 - 30
Step 2: In the 2nd slot, put aswell Amazing Box too, tick "repeat from here" box, and add similar values as below:

Scale: 3.2 - 3.6
Min R: 0 - 0.5
Fold: 1.4 - 1.8
Iterations: 5 - 10

Step 3: Turn on the Julia and set similar values:

X: 0 (optional)
Y: 0 (optional)
Z: -6 - 6 (experimental)
After all, it should look like this:
But there isn't aswell any limit for tweaking and twisting the box&ot
:iconlukasfractalizator:LukasFractalizator 30 32
Mandelbulb3D Apollo dIFS Tutorial
Well, I've seen you really enjoyed mine and most of you asked me for tutorial! Alright, here it comes. Be sure you do only amazing pieces with this!! .. :D
I hope you opened Mandelbulb3D... Now Let's start.. But it's not easy as it seems to be!
1. Click Fo.2 (2nd Slot) in Formulas window, and insert here Apollo2DIFS - It's located in last (3rd) dIFS collumn! (Under amazingIFS) And now input these values (These are just optional. Different formula can get affected by different rotation, PolyFold, etc.) and change Max. iterations from 60 to 10
Add X1: 0 (keep unchanged)
Add X2: 0 (keep unchanged)
Mul Z: 0.65 - 0.85
RotationX: -1.5 -1.9
RotationY: 5.9 6.4
RotationZ: 0 (keep unchanged)
Polyfold Order: 12-44 (determines number of petals of your future flower, this value range is recommended)
Global XY-Scale: 0,05 - 0.1
Final add X: 15
- 20
Now It's not easy to choose from formulas which decorates flower, or which makes these wonderful petals...
:iconlukasfractalizator:LukasFractalizator 36 29
Xaos-Mandelbulb - Understanding 2D and 4D formulas
Okay :shifty:
Just sick and bored in my room, playing with Xaos and Mandelbulb3D settings I discovered the thing that can make work with 3D and 4D MB formula easier.... And all you need is Xaos fractal program...

First of all, I just open Mandelbulb3D and as first slot I put Makin4D p2a, looking like this:

It's nothing special, Only 3D version on Mandelbrot formula. but now, I run Xaos and starting with basic Mandelbrot 2D:

Now I activate quick regime Julia and I move my mouse pointer there:

And the follow result of julia is this:

And here we come to the next leve of managing 3D shape. When you wish to activate julia this window appears:

The first number indicates X coordinations and the second Y coordinates. so put these into Julia of MB3D like that:
:iconlukasfractalizator:LukasFractalizator 23 24
An Amazing Surf 'Roots' How-To
Hello! I'm here to give you some tips while working with Amazing Surf formula! Before start to look, checkout Jorge's wonderful AMAZING SURF 2 tutorial over there ->
Okay. Let's Begin. Open Mandelbulb3D, and replace Integer by Amazing Surf. Zoom little bit out, and it should look like this:
Now change some values of formula:
Scale: 1.2
Min R: 0.1
Fold: 2.5
Rotation1 X: 13
Rotation1 Y: 9
Rotation1 Z: -20
Scale Vary: 0
Sphere or Cylinder: 0
When you zoom into center little bit, you may already see forming some little curls like this:
Now turn on Julia on and put these values:
X: 0.5
Y: -0.125
Z: 0
And we're done! For experimenting, higher or lower surf/julia values and get more mystery shapes! (Tip: Put Asurf to 3-4-5th slot, to put before it different formula. It can enhance your Asurf fractal) Examples:
:iconlukasfractalizator:LukasFractalizator 33 27
Inside by kronpano Inside :iconkronpano:kronpano 19 6 Tube City at Sundown by marijeberting Tube City at Sundown :iconmarijeberting:marijeberting 57 45
MandelBulb3D DEcombinate Mix Mode Tutorial
Hello everyone! Glad to see you all around! I've been testing new possibilities in Mandelbulb3D and I found easy and clever way, how to save your render time to make fabulous and outstanding pieces. Let me explain you what I'm talking about here!
As the title says, there's a "Mix" mode in DEcombinate function. It remained unused for quite a time. It's time to make revolution.
First of all, let's start with something basic, like bulbs!  I will explain each step and every single thing to make you understand the technique! Ok, Let's go.
I suppose you already opened your Mandelbulb. And now:
1. In first formula slot place _AmazingBox formula, and keep it unchanged for now.

In second slot, place boardIFS formula, and keep it unchanged as well. (Note: At Step 2 and 3 DO NOT OPEN Navi yet)
3. Now what we exactly need to do is turn DEcombinate on and choose Mix mode! 

:iconlukasfractalizator:LukasFractalizator 81 59
Rusty Mandala by von-Robert Rusty Mandala :iconvon-robert:von-Robert 6 1 Lyapunov modifier for MB3D by dark-beam Lyapunov modifier for MB3D :icondark-beam:dark-beam 58 67 Fractal Explorer Tutorial I by mario837 Fractal Explorer Tutorial I :iconmario837:mario837 56 35 Color Map by nic022 Color Map :iconnic022:nic022 50 65



Veselina Stoyanova
Current Residence: Bulgaria
Hi there.^^ I just made my first steps in fractals. I know I have much path to go to become a pro. I also need good free software recommendations. I hope you'll like my clumsy first tries.:)


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Thank you very much for adding me!! Could I ask something about UF which I wasn't be answered in Facebook? I tried to install trial of UF 4.03 animated edition taken from their original site and my Antivirus reported infection in server.exe. I can't believe original UF application is infected and maybe it is my AVG's false positive. Could you help me with advice?

I deleted my old fractals as now I'm a bit better with FE and MB3D. I have only two now and I wondered if they are appropriate to be submitted to XtremeFractals?
AnnaKirsten Featured By Owner May 4, 2015   General Artist
Firstly the latest version of UF for Windows is Version 5 Extended or 5.04 Creative.  I'm wondering whether you might have downloaded from a different site, or got it passed on via backups from past computers or something, as 4.03 is not what is showing up on the Ultra Fractal site?… If you download the full version from there, it will start off as a trial version for, I think, 28 days.  If you like it, you'd then need to purchase the licence from their shop.  If I were you, I'd get rid of the 4.03 version you have and do a thorough scan to ensure you haven't got a virus sitting on your hard drive.

I've been on the UF site today to take a look and don't get any reported viral activity from there, although I'm using McAfee these days and it seems very good at picking stuff up.

XtremeFractals accepts anything made with fractals, and even some artwork that is fractal-like and inspired by fractals.  You'd be welcome to post there.

I hope this helps :)
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